Mt Zion

This was a PWC hike that my friends Paul and Linda sponsored. It was sort of misty at the start but cleared up a little as we hiked up the mountain. When we got to the top, the others continued on along the ridge line to one of the false summits. Hayden and I followed but shortly after we started, the group paused for a minute and Hayden started getting stung by bees. Poor kid. Second hike in a row where he was getting stung. Turned out he was standing right on top of a small underground nest. He only got stung on the ankle a couple times and not very bad. When I looked, there was still a bee stuck in his sock trying to sting him so I took care of that. He decided he didn't want to hike any more after that so we left the group and hiked down.

Group shot
This note was left in the trail register. Mt Zion is a part of the PNT (Pacific Northwest Trail).
Trail Map
Views from the trail
Selfie time
Summit shot
Checking on the summit benchmark
Summit benchmark
Back down at the trailhead we spotted this car that someone abandoned. I would have liked to have known what the story was here.

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