Mt Angeles Attempt

September 2nd 2017

My son Hayden and I joined some friends from the PWC on their Mt Angeles climb on this beautiful September day. We didn't go all all the way up Mt Angeles. Neither of us were feeling it so we waited near the spot where the trail becomes more of a goat path up the rocks. Hayden was upset too because he got stung by a bee earlier. Coupled with the fact that I drug him out when he didn't really want to go - I just couldn't make him climb up the harder part when he said he didn't want to go any further. So we waited while the others pushed on to the summit. It was still a spectacular day in the Mountains.

The easiest way to get up to Mt Angeles is to start from the Hurricane Ridge parking lot. Take the Hurricane Ridge to Switchback Trail (Called the Mt Angeles Trail in the Olympic Mountains Trail Guide). This trail follows Sunrise Ridge out towards My Angeles. At a little over 2 miles you'll see a boot path off to the left going uphill. Take this path and follow it. You will eventually come to a flat-ish area and you'll see the path heads for the cliffy rock face where you'll have to pick you're way up. This is where Hayden and I stopped. I've been up the mountain a few times and I believe that you'll come to a choice to go left or right. The right path leads to the true summit if I remember correctly but either way you go is not bad.

Heading out on Sunrise Ridge
The Boot Path heading up the mountain
Hayden and Mt Olympus in the background
Hayden on Sunrise Ridge
Hurricane Ridge

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