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This is my Miscellaneous page. A place for things that don't quite fit elsewhere on my blog. Nowadays, this kind of stuff just goes on Facebook.

The ART of fighting without fighting

I kind of liked this artwork of Bruce Lee that I saw in Chinatown in Seattle. My new office is really close to the international district and this is on the way to the Uwajamaya market where I sometimes eat lunch. This truly is the ART of fighting without fighting. Aug 2011

This could be the ride of your life.... the last ride that is!

The rickshaw of death! As seen at the ferry terminal in Seattle. Looks like something straight out of a Stephen King novel. Aug 2011

Recently, my office moved into a new building. This van is on my walk from the ferry to the new office. It is kind of beat up but looks like it might have been pretty cool at one time. The windows that once said Ford were changed to say Force. There is a bumper sticker on the back that says Trey is a Jedi. There is also a rebel alliance emblem on the back window. All in all it looks like my dream van (30 years ago maybe). Aug. 2011

Use the force Luke!

I walk by this graffiti on my way to work every morning. Creepy looking Yoda using da force.

Usin' da force

Update: Glad I took a picture when I did. Someone painted over this recently and I noticed it just today, Sept 21st 2011.

Movin' on up!

When I was young and probably in my teens, I used to think it would be cool to live in an apartment. Every time I saw this bldg in Seattle I would wonder how cool it would be to live here, Jeffersons style, moving on up! My tastes have changed since then. Sept. 2011

Creepy elf on shelf

The elf on the shelf. This little guy gives me the creeps sometimes. Took this photo during Christmas time in 2010. The lighting was made by a green glowstick/flashlight to add to the creepiness. Dec. 2010

Bremerton Water Park at night.

Bremerton Water Park at night. Sept. 2010

Stitched image of the sunset taken from the Seattle-Bremerton ferry as we pulled in to Bremerton. I was very happy how this turned out since the ferry was in motion when I took the 3 shots that I used to make this panorama. Jan. 2011

Sunset over Bremerton

Portrait of my son Hayden I took at home on our hardwood floor. There was some really nice filtered light coming in through the sliding glass door of our house in the dining area. I moved the table, chairs and some other furniture out of the way so I could get a nice, clutter free background. I then set up the tri-pod outside on the back patio and set up the shot the way I liked it. He was a really good sport and didn't fuss at all! Sept. 2010

A look towards the Manette Bridge and the new bridge construction on a foggy night from the dock at Evergreen Park in Bremerton

Evergreen Park on a foggy evening

Hayden got a new Lego set that commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Empire Strikes Back. Couldn't resist a little photo shoot! Props include his new set, plus a Darth Vader figure he already had and an AT-AT Micro Machine in the background. This is my first attempt at miniature/toy photography.

Lego Hoth
Setup for Lego Hoth

Most of my photos are quick shots I take while I am hiking. Sometimes I actually set out to try to get a good shot. This is one of those times. This image was taken from the parking lot at the Harrison Memorial Hospital in Silverdale looking across the town toward the Olympic Mountains at sunset.

Sunset over Silverdale and the Olympic Mountains

In an attempt to photograph some shooting stars during the last Perseid Meteor Shower on the 12th of August 2010, I captured the big dipper as it hung lazily over my house. I have discovered recently that I desire a better lens.

Little House - Big Dipper

Sunset at Point no Point near Hansville Washington

Sunset from Point no Point

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