Steens Mountain

I visited the Steens Mountain area as a side trip on my drive to Nevada for hiking in the Ruby Mts near Elko. This was the third time I visited SE Oregon but the first I had actually been able to get up Steens Mountain since it was still too snow covered the other times I had been here. Basically I just drove the loop and got out at the viewpoints. I camped at Fish Lake which is also on the loop. Not much to report. One of my favorite areas. I would like love to hike this portion of the Oregon Desert Trail some time.

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Kiger Gorge
Kiger Gorge
Kiger Gorge
Top of the Kiger Gorge
Panorama of the Kiger Gorge
Little Blitzen Gorge
Viewpoint from road looking east. Alvord Desert below.
Looking back at my car from the overlook in the previous photo. Little Blitzen Gorge on the other side of car.
Little Blitzen Gorge from veiwpoint
Little Blizen Gorge on the left, viewpoint to the east on the right. This is near the summit of Steens Mt.
Looking East from the East Rim Viewpoint.
Some interesting flora near the summit.
7 year old trail report at the Wildhorse Lake Trailhead. This is also a part of the much larger Oregon Desert Trail.
Wildhorse Lake
Good timing to see the shadow of the Steens looming below in the Alvord Desert.
Looking at the summit of Steens and the Alvord Desert below
Looking west from the Shadow of the Steens viewpoint near the summit.
Shoe shot. Alvord Desert below from near the summit of Steens Mountain
Little Blitzen Gorge
Sunset from camp at Fish Lake Campground on Steens Mt. First star of the night just coming out.
Stars from Later that night.
The next day I completed the Steens Mountain loop.
Big Indian Gorge
Looking up the Little Blitzen Gorge
Looking up the Little Blitzen Gorge
Big Indian Gorge
Found a small pond and these wild horses as I was leaving the loop.
Found a small pond and these wild horses as I was leaving the loop.

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