Kalalau Trail to Hanakapiai Falls – Kauai

November 21 2017

During our Kauai vacation, I took off for the day and went to the Kalalau Trailhead. I hiked the entire Kalalau Trail in 2011 but I missed going to Hanakapiai Falls on that trip. Today was an out and back mission to see the Falls.

The signs say if you park to keep all tires off the pavement or you'll be fined. I took the last spot. Thankfully I rented a Jeep! I got the last spot on the end.
Trailhead Kiosk.
Entering the wilderness area
The rugged Napali Coast
A lot of the trail is like this.
Great views along the way
Lots of day hikers out
Lots of warnings as you descend down to the Hanakapiai stream
The Hanakapiai trail starts immediately after crossing the stream
The trail is very rugged.
A few openings like this give a view up the valley.
More warnings
Very rugged
First view of the falls
Very pretty
End of the line. Well, not really.
Hanakapiai Falls
Pretty neat place. This dude was able to work his way to behind the falls
Made it!
Another Kauai trail off my list!
I just thought this was funny
Tourists boulder hopping. I just waded across. Only knee deep in a spot or two. This helped clean all the mud off my trail runners.
When I was on the Kalalau Trail portion on my way back to the car. I heard a crash and large thump on the hillside just beside me. I climbed up hill a bit and found this stange fruit. It was hard as a rock! I wasn't sure what the heck it was so I grabbed it and took it back to the house.
Curiosity got the best of me and on our last day in Kauai I cut it open. It was an avacado!
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