Daffodil Timelapse Trip and Exploring Whidbey Island + Goose Rock Hike

March 7 2015

I was looking for a reason to get out and test my timelapse dolly. Much to learn with doing timelapses, especially when motion is added to the mix. What is a timelapse dolly? A timelapse is a series of images taken over time. When played in sequence at 23 frames or more per second, a movie is created that reveals changes over time that are usually too subtle to notice with just a quick look. You've surely seen timelapses before. While timelapses are usually taken from a static location, a dolly adds motion to the equation. My timelapse this trip turned out okay except for some unexpected flickering due to the sun setting and my novice approach to manually compensating for the exposure changes. A whole book could be written (and I'm sure some have been written) about how to do timelapses so I won't bore you with all the details. Instead I focus on the trip Hayden and I took to get to Mt Vernon to do the timelapse and the short hike near Deception Pass that we did. At the bottom of the post you can see the timelapse in case you are interested. I will also leave a couple of links below in case you care to learn more about timelapse photography.

Hayden, my hiking partner for the day.
Start of the trail
Under the Deception Pass Bridge
A photo my hiking partner took
Some pretty nice places out by Deception Pass. According to the map, this is called Ben Ure Island.
Some pretty nice places out by Deception Pass
Perimeter trail
We took the summit trail
I was thrilled to learn it was part of the PNT
Not usually called balds around here. Normally a feature of trails back east.
Hayden at the summit of Goose Rock
Deception Island and San Juan Islands in the distance

The hike was just over 2 miles with about 550 feet of elevation gain.

After the hike, we drove over the bridge and headed east to Mt Vernon where the tulip festival is held every year. Here, Hayden is posing in a field of daffodils.
Hayden and the Daffodils
Timelapse dolly and camera
Lots of time to kill doing timelapses, why not take a selfie?
Daffodilia - A creatively processed still image from the timelapse.

The finished product.




A few timelapse links for further enlightenment.
The Ultimate Timelapse FAQ
LRTimelapse Software
The ultimate timelapse video - The Evergreen State Experience by Donald Jensen

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