Mt Ellinor

October 2 2014

Craig Romano spoke at our club this month and asked me to hike Mt Ellinor with him the next day. Being one to not hike the same trails over and over, it had been a while since I had been up Ellinor. About 20 years to the best of my memory. The trail hasn't changed much from what I remember except perhaps better tread through the scree slope. We didn't see any mountain goats but we did see some aggressive chipmunks. I'll spare you with all the logistical details of the hike as it has been done so many times before. If you need a trail description and driving directions, see WTAs post here.

Start of the trail
This plaque was just off the trail. Plaque reads: "In recognition of Frank Heuston and Frank Maranville. Who in cooperation with the USFS for 17+ years upgraded and defined trails with the Mt Rose Trail Crew on Mt Ellinor, Mt Rose, Big Creek Loop Trail. Mt Rose Trail Crew included Glen Hufnail, Vern Johnson, Matt Lovitt, Gordon Jacobson, Tom Weilepp, Tom Weston, Eric Heuston, John Gray, Ted Bailey, Phil Hamlin, Jim Wilson, Miro Susser, and Dan McGovern. 2001"
Yes we took the summer trail up
Chipmunks were about the only wildlife we saw this day
Craig on the staircase in the scree slope
Stairway to Heaven?
Mt Washington from near the top.

A short timelapse I took while we were there.

Cloudy views this day
My little photo assistant
Brave little guy
Rainier with a stately headpiece
Craig enjoying the views and taking pictures
Too cute. Looking for a handout.
Mt Olympus could be seen far away and through the clouds
Looking down at the Jefferson Creek Drainage and what I call the Upper, Upper Jefferson Lake.

Check out the awesome view!

Mt Washington again in the clouds
On the little peak between Washington and Ellinor we could see some color that didn't look like it belonged there.
After zooming in, we could see that someone left an American flag up there. I love the USA too, but there is this little thing called Leave No Trace. I'll leave it at that.
Craig preparing to make his way down. We started our hike from the Upper Trailhead after leaving Craig's car at the Big Creek Campground. He had a big descent ahead of him.
Above the clouds
Like the chipmunk we saw at the summit, this Camp Robber (Grey Jay) was looking for a free meal. What's with all these trail types always looking for a free hand out anyways?
Mt Ellinor Trail profile from above. Google Earth image.

Route we took

Click here to learn more about Craig Romano and some of the books he has written.

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