The story of Dana Yelverton – Goat Rocks Wilderness

In April of 2019, a lady named Vicki Corporon contacted me and inquired about my Goat Rocks Wilderness thru hike that I wrote about here on my blog. Vicki was on that fateful backpacking trip in 1962 when a young Dana Yelverton lost her life in a freak summer blizzard near Old Snowy Mountain and the high point of the PCT in Washington. Vicki wanted to know if she could use the images I took of what is left of the Dana Yelverton shelter so she could publish her memories about that trip in a newsletter she edits. The newsletter is called The Galley - A Clan McNeil Family Newsletter and is based on the east coast. It is an award winning genealogical magazine for the McNeil clan. I agreed to allow the use of the images, and she gave me permission to reproduce her story here.

Condolences to the family and friends of Dana Yelverton.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Vicki.

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