Kauai Adventures

November 2017

During our 2017 Kauai Vacation, we had all sorts of adventures. These are the pictures from our zipline and mountain tubing tours. I highly recommend doing both.

Princeville Ranch Adventures was our destination for the Zipline. I loved this banner and couldn't resist this picture opportunity!
Princeville Ranch Adventures
Getting ready for the first zipline
Hayden ready for takeoff!
And he's off!
There he goes!
Woo hoo!
That was awesome!
Going again
Off he goes!
Dawn's turn!
This bridge was fun.
We were harnessed in. One of the guides ran across and invited anyone else who wanted to run to give it a try. Hayden went for it!
The zip lines were progressively getting longer
Then there was the Big Kahuna!
And finally the King Kong!
Climbing up to the tower was perhaps more nerve racking that the zip line itself!
On a different day of our trip, did the Kauai Backcountry Adventures Mountain tubing tour. I've been to Kauai several times but this was the first time I had heard of this place.
Getting our tubes
Basically the tour consists of riding in these tubes on old sugar cane irrigation ditches through the countryside and through tunnels in the mountain.
Getting into the tubes
Hayden and Cassidy getting ready to get in the water
Dawn and I before getting in the water
The gloves are to protect your hands from the tunnel walls
Burrrr, that water was a little chilly at first!
Just a relaxing float

Press play on the video to see what floating through the tunnel looks like.

A relaxing float
Lots of tourists
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