Crack in the Ground

July 18th, 2016

This is part two of a day trip I took one day while vacationing in the Bend Oregon area with family. Part one was about Fort Rock. Since Crack in the Ground was not too far away, I decided to visit it as well.

According to the BLM: "Crack-in-the-Ground is an ancient volcanic fissure over 2 miles long and up to 70 feet deep. Normally, fissures like this one are filled with soil and rock by the processes of erosion and sedimentation. However, because it is located in such an arid region, very little filling has occurred and Crack-in-the-Ground exists today nearly as it did shortly after its formation thousands of years ago. An established 2 mile trail along the fissure’s bottom offers a unique hike, where the temperature can be as much as twenty degrees cooler than at the surface."

Crack in the Ground Road

Video of what it is like to descend into the Crack in the Ground.

Entrance to the Crack in the Ground
Soon you are on the floor of the Crack in the Ground
Once you get to the bottom, you'll notice the temperature has really dropped compared to above. The Crack in the Ground is highly reminiscent of the slot canyons of Southern Utah.
There are a few minor ups and downs but nothing too difficult.
It's actually a pretty nice little walk.
I highly recommend it if you are anywhere near the area on a trip to somewhere.
The first section of the Crack in the Ground was pretty straight-forward with an easy exit. The second part looked a lot more difficult to explore. I decided to hike back to the start from above as opposed to exploring the slot any further. This image is looking down into the second harder section. There is an image I found on Flickr of a ladder used to get over that rock. Not sure what happened to it, but it would have certainly coaxed me into exploring further had it been there when I visited.
Macrocarpus (Sagebrush Mariposa Lily)
Looking down into the Crack in the Ground from above.
Looking down into the Crack in the Ground from above.
Looking down into the Crack in the Ground from above.
Coming out of the Crack in the Ground
Approximate Location of Crack in the Ground
Directions from BLM website:
From Christmas Valley, Oregon, head east on the Christmas Valley Highway for approximately 1 mile. Turn north (left) onto Crack-in-the-Ground Road and continue for about 7 miles, being sure to turn left onto Lava Craters Road, following signs to Crack in the Ground.
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