Kloshe Nanitch and Snider Ridge to Jim’s Junction

June 5 2016
This was another research mission to verify a trail for the next edition of the Olympic Mountains Trail Guide. My friend Paul from the Peninsula Wilderness Club joined me this time. The hike altogether was around 15 miles round trip and a lot of ups and downs on the ridge.

The old lookout site at Kloshe Nanitch had previously been torn down and a viewing platform had been put in its place. At the time we visited it, it was mostly just an empty platform with a single bench to sit on in the middle. Previous editions of the Trail Guide reference North Point, while newer editions talk about Kloshe Nanitch. Klosh Nanitch is where the former historical lookout site sits while North Point which sits a couple hundred feet higher in elevation is about a half a mile to the north-east on the same ridge.

After we visited Kloshe Nanitch, we decided to also visit North Point to see what was over there. Not much other than a radio tower and more good views. I'm still unclear as to whether or not North Point was also a lookout site or exactly what the story was with it. It is so close to Kloshe Nanitch that I doubt it was also a lookout but who knows. To get to it, you just follow the dirt road over to it, it's hard to miss. Along the way you'll see the side trail for Snider Ridge that connects to Jims Junction on the Mt Muller Trail

. The Snider Ridge trail was in great shape, however it looks as though it is seldom used. I'm not really sure why as it is a great extension to the Mt Muller trail system which is more heavily used. There were a few pecker poles that were down across the trail here and there in addition to lots of winter duff covering the trail. Tons of fallen branches too. Being June, most trails are already free of the winter duff as a testimony to their use, but the Snider Ridge trail looked like a ghost trail, if there were such a thing. It looked like no one had been on it in a long time, which is a shame because it's a nice wide trail on a ridge with good views..

The trailhead can't be seen from the parking area. You have to park and walk to what looks like the end of the road and then follow the old road bed for a ways.
You follow along the Sol Duc River along the old road bed. We found a spot to access the river on the way back and took a dip in it. It was freezing but felt nice since it was a really hot day.
There were lots of flowers out. This is a macro of some growing up through some moss on the old road bed.
At almost a half mile you'll come to the actual trailhead
Kloshe Nanitch Trail
Kloshe Nanitch Trail
Wild rose seen on the Kloshe Nanitch Trail
Kloshe Nanitch Trail
Kloshe Nanitch Trail
Aquilegia-formosa (Red Columbine)
Allotropa virgata (Sugarstick) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allotropa
This was really the only confusing part. We took a left and went up to Kloshe Nanitch from here. The lookout loop is actually just the Snider Ridge trail that connects with the road further up near North Point. If you look at the map I added below, you can see a sort of loop.
Shortly after that loop junction you'll enter a clearing. If you look up, you'll see the lookout platform above.
Just a big carpenter ant I saw along the way.
Cornus unalaschkensis (Bunchberry)
Hmmm, not sure what this is unless it is the top of a beargrass bloom. It's not a very good image to do a comparison. If you know what it is, let me know in the comments.
The trail eventually spits you out at this parking area for the lookout. Yes, you can drive up here. The lookout is just on the other side of those trees.
The path to the former lookout
View of Mt Olympus from the lookout.
Paul checking out the platform of the former lookout.
The road that goes from Kloshe Nanitch to North Point. Keep your eyes open here and you'll find the Snder Ridge Trail off to the right.
This is North Point. Unclear if this was ever a lookout site or if there has always been a radio tower here.
Looking back out towards Kloshe Nanitch from North Point.
Trail junction from the road access to the trail. Half mile to Kloshe Nanitch or 5 miles to Mt Muller via the Snider Ridge Trail.
Much of the Snider Ridge Trail looks like this. A wide swath through the trees on the ridge top. Lot of ups and downs.
Notice all the winter pine duff and branches on the trail. It appears to get little use.
Paul taking a break along the ridge. There were a lot more ups and downs than we were expecting!
Interesting tree. Do you think it was broken in two places when it was younger but continued to grow? It sure looks that way.
Mt Olympus view from a clearing along the ridge.
Mt Olympus view from a clearing along the ridge.
Lake Crescent from a clearing along the ridge
THe valley below the ridge and Sol Duc valley in the distance.
Views from the ridge
A nice meadow or clearing on the ridge. You'd be surprised what Washington hikers would consider a meadow.
I believe this is a Lilium columbianum (Columbia Lily)
A nice meadow or clearing on the ridge. You'd be surprised what Washington hikers would consider a meadow.
A 120 degree panorama looking Easterly, South and Westerly directions.
Interesting rock formation along the ridge.
Beargrass Bloom

Heat wave

Snider Ridge Views

After lots of ups and downs along the ridge, you'll eventually come to the Jim's Junction connection with the Mt Muller Trail.
When I hiked Mt Muller, I did see a few Mountain Bikers. Surprising with all the elevation gain to get up there.
Ridge selfie
Nice meadow on the ridge

Nice meadow on a seldom used trail.

There was a broken bridge over one of the streams on the Kloshe Nanitch Trail.
There was lots of Bunchberry (Cornus unalaschkensis)
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