Umtanum Canyon and Manastash Ridge

I brought my hiking club to Umtanum Falls last year. Everyone seemed to like it so I volunteered to host another trip in the area this year, this time up Umtanum Canyon from the other end by the Yakima River. We hiked up the canyon about 3 miles then we climbed out and onto Manastash Ridge. Manastash Ridge basically seperates the canyon from interstate 90 and Ellensburg. A good time was enjoyed by all - except for the final climb off the ridge back down to where the cars were parked. Very steep with only a boot path to follow. A good trail here would be a wonderful addition to an otherwise spectacular place to hike.

The bridge
Group Shot
Crossing the bridge
Crossing the bridge
Fall aspens
The gentle Umtanum trail
Beaver dam on Umtanum Creek
A lovely day in the canyon
A lovely day in the canyon
The canyon was once homesteaded and some fruit trees still remain.
Bighorn Sheep
Bighorn Sheep
Umtanum Creek
Abandoned nest
Abandoned nest
Big Ponderosa Pine
Beaver's work
Bighorn Sheep
The beginning of the climb out of the canyon
Bighorn Sheep
Climbing out of the canyon
Climbing out of the canyon
The canyon and Umtanum Ridge across the way
Interesting geology on the hillside
Fall's harvest
The Stewart Range in the distance
Taking a break somewhere up on Manastash Ridge
Bighorn Sheep
Somewhere up on Manastash Ridge
Oxbow on the Yakima River as seen from Manastash Ridge
Big desert scenery
Large cairn on Manastash Ridge. This cairn is visible from the road below.
Steve placing a rock on the cairn
Large cairn on Manastash Ridge. This cairn is visible from the road below.
Big open scenery
Long shadows envelope the river below
Some of the last of the day's light hits this rock cairn
Light and shadow
Light and shadow. Notice the trail on the other side of the canyon. This trail goes all the way to the top of the ridge.
Coming down this steep slope would prove more difficult than we anticipated, but we all made it in one piece.
Last light of the day as we made our way down.
Almost done!
Hike complete
We truly utilized the whole day for this hike. What a great day!


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