My first picture to be published in a magazine!!!

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My image in center of the page. Click to zoom in.

I’m pretty stoked about this! I was asked several months ago from the art director of the Washington State Visitor’s Guide if they could use one of my photos. After ensuring I would be credited and learning of the payment details, I said sure. Why not?

Its not the biggest photo in the magazine or even the page for that matter. The shot was taken on the Olympic Discovery Trail bike ride that my Friend Isaac and I did last year. 30 miles of riding followed by 10 miles of hiking on the Dungeness spit. It was a long day to be sure. The photo that was used is one of Isaac taking a picture of some seagulls an older gentleman was feeding. It was at one of the road turn offs that overlook the bluffs at the Dungeness Wildlife Refuge on the way out to the spit.


If you want, you can see the whole magazine for free on this page. Its kind of big and might take a while to load. The picture of Isaac is on page 29.



This is the second time that Dungeness has been good to me. Last year, 3 of my other photos were used on the signage at the new kiosks at the Dungeness Spit trailhead.


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